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Technical & Transformational Services

Elliott Asset Management (EAM) provides independent and specialist technical, management and business consultancy services to transform our client's operations and organisations.

It is important to us that we deliver what our client's want right first time and with pace. We work as a critical friend and through constructive challenge we bring value in a professional non-confrontational environment.

Our ethos is to provide client's with a bespoke and flexible service through our range of Technical and Transformational services. These are tailored to meet each client's needs;  

Our Technical services:

Asset management – our core service is asset management. We offer the full range of lifecycle services including policy and strategy, lifecycle planning and operational and system development and improvement. All our advice is based on maximising performance and mitigating risk to align to ISO55000 principles and client requirements such as the New Code of Practice Well Managed Highway Infrastructure

Network resilience – to meet the future challenges of climate, society, technology and resources we offer advice on developing and enhancing key route networks and critical infrastructure to mitigate future risks and maintain and improve performance

Asset operations – we provide tactical and operational lifecycle advice across all network hierarchies as well as specific strategic and local transport network operational improvements

ISO 55001 – we offer a range of advice to develop formal asset management system business cases as well as setting up, evaluating and improving systems to meet the requirements of ISO55001 and other system standards

If clients require additional related technical services we can source and lead these or work within an established project team. 

Our Transformational services:

Management and Business advisory – we work with organisations to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness. We use recognised management consultancy techniques to engage with leadership, management and operational teams in a collaborative environment

Project and programme management – we set up and manage individual or portfolio project programmes and report on progress, risk, value and opportunity, as well as developing monitoring tools  

Strategy and planning – we facilitate strategy and planning workshops and develop business cases for improvement programmes. We work at all organisational levels to maximise engagement, synergy efficiencies and programme outcomes 

Research and development – we work with clients and multi-agency teams to deliver R&D and innovation programmes. We develop and monitor R&D business cases with benefits realisation techniques 

Training and education – we recognise the value that effective technical training and education can bring to enhance behaviours and improve operational cultures. We develop and deliver training programmes and provide informative industry knowledge sharing to all organisational levels

Forthcoming events

From time to time we host meetings or present at conferences. Our aim is to share knowledge, upskill and bring industry specialists together to exchange ideas and examine best practice and benefit our clients. To be involved contact us on Tel : 07837 319143