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Our Story


Our Team

James Elliott, Director and Principal Consultant, is a highly motivated strategic and operationally focussed business and technical leader. He has over 30 years’ experience in transport infrastructure strategy, design, construction, operations and maintenance.

He has developed his specialist asset management expertise from collaborative working with public and private sector clients, engineering consultancies, contractors and integrated service providers. 

Key operational and business roles have included; Business Director, Project Director, Head of Service, Principal Consultant, Asset Manager, Asset Director and Technical Director.  

James has experience of leading multi-disciplinary teams on complex infrastructure projects including asset management and engineering. He also has significant experience in work winning, both leading and supporting integrated highways management and maintenance tenders.  His motivation, goal setting and desire to add value make him highly respected by his clients and peers.

James’ independent status as a Director and Principal Consultant for Elliott Asset Management Ltd (EAM) allows him to offer clients flexible and agile specialist advice and wide sector knowledge.

EAM is an Associate Member of HTMA and James is a member of the Technology & Network Management Advisory Group. He also chairs the CIHT Asset Management Panel and World Roads Association Technical Committee for Disaster Management. 

Our History

We recognise that the transport industry is going through unprecedented change and needs innovative, flexible and resilient asset infrastructure solutions to deal with changes to our climate, society, technology and resources. This requires collaborative and collective future thinking and knowledge sharing. 

Elliott Asset Management was established to provide independent technical, management and business consultancy services to address these future changes and to bring public and private sector clients together to provide future resilient solutions and safeguard our infrastructure assets.  

Our Values and Vision

Elliott Asset Management is an independent consultancy that works with clients using four core values; Integrity, Value, Collaborative and Respect.

Our vision is to be "a well-respected provider of resilient future solutions for transport asset organisations. We deliver value and innovation to our clients using skilled and experienced specialists and informed integrated solutions to create solutions today for tomorrow."